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I am a writer, artist and photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. I yearn to help people find their purpose and build a life that matters. I want to use my photography to meet and capture the most passionate souls on the planet. I use my writing to help those who are lost, like me.

I also get a kick out of new ways to display my work.

My one-of-a-kind wood transfers start with the wood first. I find interesting patterns in locally sourced wood, where I am rooted, and then set to creating something new from the melding of wood and image. 

I believe that a search for purpose unites all creators.
— Sean Howard

We are on a shared journey to unearth what truly matters for each of us. I hope you will join me.

A Short Bio

My professional journey has been an unusual one. I've been a juggler, a 3D artist, a programmer, a dog trainer, a digital strategist, a gaffer, a brand consultant and more. 

Today, I'm proud to be a photographer, co-founder of a for-benefit branding firm called The Connected Brand, co-founder of a Video and Commercial Production firm, Narrative Drive, and an author and co-creator of Alba Salix, Royal Physician and The End of Time and Other Bothers.

I do a variety of commercial and commissioned work. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have something interesting brewing!

Get in Touch!

mobile: 647 272 9361